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Facebook problems and solutions By Facebook Customer Service
Facebook has become a part of daily activities. However, it also comes with its own advantages and limitations. Some issues ... ...

Facebook problems and solutions By Facebook Customer Service

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Posted on: 11/12/18

Facebook has become a part of daily activities. However, it also comes with its own advantages and limitations. Some issues can be really annoying while using Facebook such as watching unnecessary ads, annoying posts, interface issues etc. all these issues have their own particular solution and can be resolved easily by getting in touch with Facebook Customer Service.

There can be innumerable problems with Facebook out of which some of them have been mentioned below along with their solutions:

  • Excessive posts: There are people on Facebook who keep on posting continuous updates and posts out of which most of them are useless for you and you want to get rid of them. If you don’t want to unfriend such people but want to get rid of their frequent posts then you can go their profile and unfollow them from the options given. After doing this you will not be able to see their updates on your news feed and still be friends with them.

  • Notifications not working: Notifications let you know about the recent updates on Facebook. If they are not working due to some reason then it can create a problem for you. Make sure the notifications are enabled on the system level by checking the device settings. Go to applications and from application manager click on Facebook and then check Notifications. Make sure you have enabled the option to receive notifications. Check all the other notification settings if they are set properly. Adjust the settings as what notifications you want to receive and how you are notified.

  • Facebook not working with a web browser: If in case you are not able to use Facebook on a web browser like Firefox or Chrome then just go to the settings option. Open ‘Advanced’ settings and then select ‘Restore browser settings to their original defaults’ and reset the settings. After this try again to log in to your Facebook account on the web browser. You can also call at the Facebook Customer Service Number if you need any further support for this.

  • Annoying Ads: Facebook also makes money from advertising. Hence it also provides you with the ads which it finds relevant for you as per your browsing history. To opt out of personalized ads, go to Facebook settings and select ads and open the ad settings. Here you can opt ‘No’ for the options related to Facebook ads. This will prevent you from seeing unnecessary ads in the future and will not use your browsing history to show you ads off and on Facebook.

  • Privacy issues: If you think your posts and updates are seen by several unknown people you can simply stop showing these to them. This can be done by settings privacy to friends or you can also select that to which friends you want to share your post with. If you want to keep someone away from all your posts then you can keep them in the ‘Restricted List’.

  • Unwanted photo tagging: there are friends on Facebook who keeps you tagging on the unnecessary posts or tags you in some of your embarrassing pictures which can be seen by all your other friends easily. To avoid this, you can disable suggestions from the settings. From Timeline and Tagging, you can select No one for ‘Who sees tag suggestions when photos that look like you are uploaded?’

This is how you can fix some of the annoying issues with Facebook. If in case you have any other issues you can directly call at the Facebook Support Phone Number.


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